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Event Development: Earn their hearts, stay on their minds

Todays consumers attend events because they are looking for inspiration, education and often to see who is breaking the status quo. Below are a few brand checkboxes to consider before hiring a design company to help make your next event memorable and sharable.

What are consumers looking for from your brand? What are their wants and needs and how can your brand fulfill them? Is it aspirational, practical, both? Is your product or service an industry disrupter or is it an improvement? Once you know where your brand stands in the marketplace you can focus on crafting the right message and driving it home with great design. Remember, it’s a busy event environment so don’t overwhelm consumer’s with secondary selling points, focus on three and prioritize them.

What do you want them to remember? Think back to the last event you attended and which brand stuck out in your head? Whatever you saw was probably iconic, cut through the clutter and helped you understand the brands positioning and personality quickly. Simply put, you will want consumers to remember your brand, its personality, why your brand should matter to them.

What key takeaways do you want consumers to share with co-workers and friends? If attendees share their positive brand experience with others over social media you have successfully extended your message beyond the event. Help facilitate this by providing them photo-opt worthy environments that integrate your brand message. Remember, your event materials should reflect the personality of your brand.

A well thought, branded event venue will not only function to bring people in it will also leave a lasting positive brand impression. If you need help developing your brand message and translating it into a memorable event give us a call at 203-646-8448 X100.