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Event Development: Earn their hearts, stay on their minds

By Kevin McGuire | September 14, 2017

Todays consumers attend events because they are looking for inspiration, education and often to see who is breaking the status quo. Below are a few brand checkboxes to consider before hiring a design company to help make your next event memorable and sharable. What are consumers looking for from your brand? What are their wants and needs and how can your brand fulfill them? Is it aspirational, practical, […]

Mindful Packaging: Fonts, colors and negative space

By Kevin McGuire | February 15, 2017

Message matters in packaging as in all media. But it’s also important to note some often under valued decisions made during the packaging design process. Chose the right font: Nothing can change the brand personality of a package quicker than a font. No mater how important your message is the look of the font conveys more. Analyze your brand personality and select fonts […]

Top 3 benefits of a well branded office

By Kevin McGuire | February 7, 2017

A well branded office space serves to inform, inspire, and motivate employees and company stakeholders alike. Here are the top three reasons to reenergize your office space. 1. Showcase Corporate Values and Mission Companies are built upon certain values and principles that serve as the backbone of the organization. By prominently showcasing them to stakeholders […]