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Mindful Packaging: Fonts, colors and negative space

Message matters in packaging as in all media. But it’s also important to note some often under valued decisions made during the packaging design process.

Chose the right font: Nothing can change the brand personality of a package quicker than a font. No mater how important your message is the look of the font conveys more. Analyze your brand personality and select fonts that compliment it. Although fonts are organized by font groups titled; Display, Script, Sans-Serif, Serif, Block etc. they would be wiser to be though of using terms more suitable like sophisticated, boastful, calming and down to earth. Mind your consumer – are you marketing to an older population? If so, keep your message to the point and ensure your font size is adequate. Small font sizes and lengthy explanations cause frustration and confusion. Avoid the use of thin serif fonts and unnecessary tight kerning and line spacing.

Mind your colors: You should be able to justify the use of color as more than ornamental. Colors evoke emotion and colors when used properly help differentiate products and make them easier to find on shelf. Primary colors are used the most often in packaging but its the secondary colors that are the real stars. Take the time to hone your color scheme. White, shunned from packaging at one point because of its generic nature has found a home in todays often oversaturated packaging world. Blacks can be made using exclusively black inks or with the inclusion of other colored inks to making them richer and either cool or warm toned.

Embrace negative space: The space in between objects and copy is your friend. It allows the eye to pause and breaks up messaging leading to better communication hierarchy. There is a constant push to cram as much information onto packaging as possible and this negative space is often the first to go. Hold onto it – chances are you are communicating too much and the message could be more concise.

This only touches upon some of what goes into effective packaging design. Need help with new packaging, product repositioning or concept work?  Please call 203-646-8448 X100.